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1216 Axial-Torsion 1516 Axial-Torsion 2816 Multi-Axis 3 Axis Load Cell from Interface UK 5330 Hollow Flange 5350 Solid Flange 5355 Solid flange 5400 Flange Style 5600 Axial Torsion 6A 6 Axis Load Cell 9330 Portable Data Logger 9850 Indicator AT101 Axial Torsion 0.5kN/5Nm AT102 Axial Torsion 10kN/10Nm AT103 Axial Torsion 20kN/20Nm BSC4, 4 channel amp BSC8,  8 channel digital Amp BX8 - Multi - Channel Amplifier CSC In-line Signal Conditioner DFI-05L Digital Indicator DIG-USB HRDT Wireless Torque Sensor INF-USB Signal Amp LCT-1 Ultimate Load Cell Tester MRT Mini Torque Transducer MRT2 Mini Flange Transducer MRTP Mini Flange RT10E High Capacity RT12E High Capacity SGA Signal Conditioner SY038 Load Cell Amp T 1 Torque Coupling transducer T 2 Precision shaft style T 3 Precision with pedestal T 4 General Purpose T 5 General purpose, pedestal T 6 Dual Range T 7 Dual Range, pedestal T 8 Eco T11 Bearingless T12 Square Drive T14 Slip Ring T15 Hex Drive T15-USB Output T22 Pulley Style T23 LC T25 Rotary Torque T27 Hollow Flange T31, T32, T33 and T34 Torque Couplings TR1 TS11 Flange Style TS12 Shaft Reaction Torque TS14 Square Drive Transducer TS15 Square Socket to Flange TS16 Square Drive to Flange TS17 Hex Drive TS18 Shaft to Flange TS19 Short Flange TS20 Hollow Flange TS21-Miniature TS22 Mini Low Capacity TSQ High Capacity TXY Dual Axis WTS Wireless Telemerty

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1216 Axial-Torsion
1216 Axial-Torsion
Axial Torsion Load Cell

The 1216 Axial-Torsion load cell measure both force and torsion in the same cell - with either channel capable of being used independently, each

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